Welcome to the The Edge

The EDGE is a text based role playing game running Old World of Darkness.

If you are not currently playing on THE EDGE and would like a character please be aware we are only accepting
applications for Mortals(including Mortal+), shifter/kinfolk, demons/thralls, and mage (traditions only). Vampire is cur-
rently on hold till Onyx Publishing get out all of their 20th Anniversary material.

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Access the game by connecting to: port 7410
A GUEST may be logged into upon at the log-in screen; type: Connect guest guest
To create a character at the log-in create type: create <name you desire> <your password> (example: create Melvin pancakes)

Welcome to Haplin!


Most people in Montcroft, Minnesota know about not-so-sleepy Haplin, a little town that lies an easy two hour drive southwest of them. Directions for finding Haplin are always easy for the locals who tell you to "just follow Snake River you can't miss the place". Or at least it use to be.  When asked now the residents of Montcroft or Minneapolis can no longer remember the town. Its like some vague dream that flees to the dark recesses of their minds when they think on it.

What happened? No one is really sure.  The natives of Haplin lived through two weeks of no sun, no moon and no weather. The sky was clear and dark aside from stars and the aurora boreali that danced above them. Most hid out in churches and basements in fear this was the end of the world. Those that ventured out would in time find food shortages and a community that, for all its phobias of outsiders, accepted the newcomers. The community pulled together its flood and prayers and survived.

Though imagine their surprise when the sun did rise again on the 15th day. Now shining through the different windows of a house first. Compasses would indicated true north did not change but the orientation of Haplin did. Now nestled in a valley between large mountains and hour north of Deliverance, North Carolina.  

Haplin though, is just a town. Sure strange things happen there like alien abductions in broad daylight, a rather high number of spontaneous combustion reports, hauntings, bumps in the night, multiple reports of exsanguinations and rare flowers blooming in the middle of winter just to name a few. Sure on the surface Haplin is a happy little town. Perhaps too happy if you ask some. Nothing is ever perfect, there is never light without darkness, peace without destruction ...or happiness without sadness and fear.

The darkness that led to legend is creeping towards the surface. How much longer will it play it safe and unseen before it becomes brazen and bold. Eventually the truth will come out. How long can Haplin sit on